Story Of Maa Vaishno Devi Shrine

It is considered that the discovery of Shrine around 700 years ago by the Pandit Shridhar A brahmin pujari who had a true dedication power to Shakti even he was poor. one day he had dream to arrange a Bhandara (supplying food to group of persons ) . maa Vaishno devi An auspicious date for the Bhandhara was selected and Shridhar invited all the nearby of villages to the Bhandara. Thereafter, Shridhar went from door to door requesting his neighbours to provide him raw provisions which could be cooked and served to the guests on the day of Bhandara. Among all some had helped him but it was not enough because guests were much more .
As the date of bhandara was coming near and near Pandit Shridhar’ troubles also getting high . he was thinking what happened in upcoming bhandara with a few food raw provisions.
On the night past the day of Bhandara, Shridhar could not sleep a wink thinking about how to feed his guests with the limited provisions and to accommodate them in the inadequate space that he had. When he was unable to come up with a acceptable solution to his problems till morning. He sat down for worship outside his hut. By midday, his guests was coming . Finding him deeply involved in puja, they began to make themselves comfortable wherever they could find place. They all sat down easily in Sridhar`s small hut and still a lot of space was empty . when shirdhar opened his eyes and worried about how to feed them , then he saw Vaishnavi a small girl coming out of his hut. With the divine grace Vaishanvi, was serving delicious food to all guests .Bhandhara turned out to be very successful despite some problems raised by Bhaironath , a disciple of Guru Gorakhnath who too was invited in the Bhandhara.

After the Bhandhara, Shridhar was curious to know this miracle little girl Vaishnavi, But Vaishnavi was disappear and never saw again to any one . After many days one day, he had a dream of the same girl who told him that she was Vaishno Devi. The Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Form girl showed him the vision of her sensational cave and also blessed him with the boon of four sons. Sridhar, happy once again, set out in search of the cave, and after finding it he decided to spend rest of his life in worship of the deity vaishno devi . Soon fame of the holy cave spread, and the devotees began to flock it to pay their homage to the mighty Goddess.


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