Diffrent Forms

Goddess Maa Durga in her Navratri Festival is known for her 9 forms and are worshiped by her devotees all over the world . The nine-day period from the new moon day to the ninth day of Ashvina is considered the most auspicious time of the Hindu Calendar and is hence the most celebrated time of the year as Durga Puja. The nine form is worshiped one by one in nine days.

Nine Forms of Goddess Durga

प्रथम् शैल-पुत्री च, द्वितियं ब्रह्मचारिणि
तृतियं चंद्रघंटेति च चतुर्थ कूषमाण्डा
पंचम् स्कन्दमातेती, षष्टं कात्यानी च
सप्तं कालरात्रेति, अष्टं महागौरी च
नवमं सिद्धिदात्री

1. Shailputri (Daughter of Mountain)


She is a daughter of Mountain Himalaya and first appearance among nine Durgas. In previous birth she was the daughter of King Daksha. In this birth her name was Sati - Bhavani. i.e. the wife of Lord Shiva. Once Daksha had organized a big Yaga without inviting lord Shiva.Goddess sati reached there and argue to him. Her father was continuing insulted her husband (lord shiva ). Sati could not tolerate the insult and burnt herself in the fire of Yagna. In other birth she became the daughter of Himalaya in the name of Parvati - Hemvati and got married with Shiva.

2. Brahmacharini (Peaceful form of Durga)


The second appearance among nine Durga form is Brahamcharini. “Brahma“ term is used for who do hard devotional work for happiness of god by controlling his mind and heart . Here "Brahma" means "Tapa". The idol of Goddess Brahmacharini is very gorgeous. There is rose in her right hand and sacred water pot ( Kamandal ) in left hand. She is full cheerfulness.

There is one story why she did penance .
she was Parvati Hemavati the daughter of Himvan. Once when she was busy in games with her friends. Narad muni came to her and predicted, "You will get married with a naked-terrible `Bhole Nath and told her story of sati of past . Narad Muni also told you have to perform hard penance (Tapashya) for him. Hence Parvati told her mother Menaka that she would marry none except Shambhu, otherwise she would remain unmarried. Saying this she went to observe penance in forest . so she was also called as tapacharini - Brahmacharini.


3. Chandraghanta (Anger form of Durga)

The name of third Shakti is Chandraghanta having half Chandra (Moon) and ringing a alarm. She is seated on Lion and ready for going to conflict .There is a half-circular moon (Chandra) in her forehead. She is fascinating and bright. She has Golden color with three eyes and ten hands holding ten types of weapons. She is unprecedented image of guts. The horrible sound of her bell terrifies all demons and rivals.

4. Kushmanda (Happy form of Durga)


Name of fourth Durga is Kushmanda. Ku means little ..shm means warm anda means egg ..here it reffers to the cosmic egg..she is believed to be the creator of the universe and creation itself only with the light from her spreading in all directions
She resides in solar systems. She shines brightly in all the ten directions like Sun. She has eight hands. Seven types of weapons are shining in her seven hands. Rosary is in her right hand. She seems luminous riding on Lion.


5. Skanda Mata (Blessing form of Durga)


Fifth form of Goddess Durga is "Skanda Mata",the daughter of Himalaya, got married with Lord Shiva. They had a son named "Skanda." lord karthikeya .Skanda is a chief of the army of Gods. Skanda Mata is a deity of fire. Skanda is seated in her lap. She has three eyes and four hands. She is white and seated on a lotus and having lotus on two hands.


6. Katyayani (Daughter form of Durga)


Sixth Durga form is Katyayani. once upon a time, there was a great sage called kata who was very famous that time of saint. He underwent long austerities and penance in order to receive the grace of the Mother Goddess. He hoped to have a daughter in the form of a goddess. According to his desire the Mother Goddess granted his request. Katyayani was born to Kata as an avatar of Durga.


7. Kalratri (Cruel and Violent form of Durga)


Seventh form of Maa Durga is Kalratri. She is black like night. Her hairs are unlocked. She has put on lightening necklaces .She has three bright eyes, thousands of flames of fire come out while respiring from nose. She rides on Shava (dead body). There is razor-sharped sword in her right hand. Her lower hand is in blessing mood. The burning torch (mashal) is in her left hand and her lower left hand is in fearless style, by which she makes her devotees fearless. Being auspicious she is called "Shubhamkari." Which means one who always does good


8. Maha Gauri (Form of mata parvati and symbol of purity) )


The Eighth Durga is "Maha Gauri." She is as white as a conch, moon and Jasmine. She is of eight years old. Her clothes and ornaments are white and clean. She has three eyes. She rides on bull She has four hands. The above left hand is in "Fearless - Mudra" and lower left hand holds "Trishul." The above right hand has tambourine and lower right hand is in blessing style. She is calm and peaceful and exists in peaceful style. It is said that when the body of Gauri became dirty due to dust and earth while observing penance, Shiva makes it clean with the waters of Gangas. Then her body became bright like lightening. There fore, she is known as "Maha Gauri"
It is called if anyone worship her, all sins of present past and future get washed away instantly!.


9. Siddhidatri (Knowledge form of Durga)


Siddhidatri is theNinth form of Durga . There are eight Siddhis , they are- Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Iishitva & Vashitva. Maha Shakti gives all these Siddhies. she has great healing powers .It is said in "Devipuran" that the Supreme God Shiv got all these Siddhies by worshipping Maha Shakti. With her gratitude the half body of Shiv has became of Goddess and there fore his name "Ardhanarishvar" has became famous. The Goddess drives on Lion. She has four hands and looks pleased. This form of Durga is worshiped by all Gods, Rishis Munis , Siddhas, Yogis, Saints and devotees for attaining the best religious asset.

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