About Maa Durga

Goddess Durga a super powerful deity ‘ Shakti’ in Hindu mythology is worship in various forms corresponding to her to aspects benevolence and fierceness. She is Uma, "glow"; Gauri, "white or brilliant"; Parvati, "the mountaineer"; and Jagatmata, "the-mother-of-the-world" in her milder guise The terrible appearance are Durga "the inaccessible"; Kali, "the black"; Chandi, "the fierce"; and Bhairavi, "the terrible."

Goddess maa Durga

How She Look Likes as Maa Durga

Durga, a gorgeous warrior riding upon a tiger or Lion. Devi Durga with a lion in a fearless pose is known of "Abhay Mudra", signifying assurance of freedom from fear. The universal mother seems to be saying to all her devotees: "Surrender all actions and duties onto me and I shall lift you from your all troubles ".
Durga is described as having eight or ten hands. These represent eight quadrants or ten directions in Hinduism. This suggests that she protects the devotees from all directions.


In Mother hands – Weapons and others
@The conch shell in Durga`s hand symbolizes the `Pranava` or the mystic word `Om`, which indicates her holding on to God in the form of sound.
@The bow and arrows represent energy. By holding both the bow and arrows in one hand "Mother Durga" is indicating control over both forms of energy - potential and kinetic.
@The thunderbolt signifies firmness. The devotee of Durga must be firm like thunderbolt in one`s convictions. Like the thunderbolt that can break anything against which it strikes, without being affected itself, the devotee needs to attack a challenge without losing his confidence.
@The lotus in Durga`s hand is not in fully bloomed, It symbolizing certainty of success but not finality. The lotus in Sanskrit is called "pankaja" which means born of mud. Thus, lotus stands for the continuous evolution of the spiritual quality of devotees amidst the worldly mud of lust and greed.
Maa Durga Looks @The " Sudarshan-Chakra" : A beautiful discus, which spins around the index finger of the Goddess, while not touching it, signifies that the entire world is subservient to the will of Durga and is at her command. She uses this unfailing weapon to destroy evil and produce an environment conducive to the growth of righteousness.
@Sword The sword that Durga holds in one of her hands symbolizes knowledge, which has the sharpness of a sword. Knowledge which is free from all doubts, is symbolized by the shine of the sword.
@Trishul : Durga`s trident or "trishul" is a symbol of three qualities - Satwa (inactivity), Rajas (activity) and @Tamas (non-activity) - and she is remover of all the three types of miseries - physical, mental and spiritual.

How She is so Powerful:

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga emerged from the combined energies of the Gods Brahma ( the Creator), Vishnu,( the Preserver), and Shiva( the Destroyer), in order to battle the demon called Mahisasura. As legend goes, the demon Mahisasura was awarded the boon that he could neither be killed by man of God. Even Brahma ( the Creator), Vishnu,( the Preserver), and Shiva( the Destroyer) also failed to stop him Therefore the presence of a feminine energy was required to massacre this demon that caused much destruction in all the three worlds – Earth, Heaven and nether world.
Goddess Durga was gifted different weapons by all the Gods, out of which the spear and trident have most commonly been depicted in her images. She is also seen holding the Sudarshan chakra, sword, bow and arrow and other weapons.

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