Goddess Maa Santoshi

Santoshi Mata

Maa Santoshi is acclaimed as the Mother of Satisfaction
also an symbol of love, contentment, forgiveness, happiness and hope as declared in her Friday story . It is too much believed that fasting and praying of her for 16 consecutive Fridays carries peace and prosperity in her bhakt life and family .


Maa Santoshi motivates an individual to cherish family values and to come out of the crisis with one s determination. Santoshi Maa is also considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga and is widely worshiped through out India and by Indians residing outside India.


Goddess Santoshi Family

Grand Father Lord Shiva
Grand Mother Goddess Parvati
Father Lord Ganesha
Mother Either Riddhi or Siddhi
Brother Shubh And Labh


Sukhdata Bhagya Vidhata Jai Karna Santoshi Maa |
Gaye Gnata Gun Budh Gata Riddhi Siddhi Data ||
Shubh Hove Tuj Naam Hi Lete, Sahayko Maa Premse Aaye |
Santoshi Maa Mangal Karana, Tuj Vrat Karke Sab Harkhaye ||




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