Goddess Maa Santoshi Fast Method

Santoshi Mata Pooja and Fast is performed consecutively 16 Friday .
 Pujan thali Things required for the Pooja:
1 Kalash
Betel leaves
Roasted channa (Bhongde) and Gud for prasad
Camphor for aarti
Ghee diyas
2 Banana

Photo or Idol of santoshi Maa
Vrat Fast Book of santoshi Maa

Note : You have to ignore and make a distance things which is sour like Curd, Lemon, Orange Etc

On a Friday morning have head bath and place the photo in a clean Pooja area and put a small Kalash. Place Santhoshi matha’s photo and decorate it with flowers. Keep prasadam (Gud channa ) and bananas. Light Ghee Diya before the Goddess. Chant the mantras and read the story Of Fast of Maiya Santoshi and perform aarti to the Goddess and have prasadam. You can do fasting the entire day or can have food only once in a day (may be supper or dinner). You are not supposed to eat anything sour on the day of the Friday.

You need to do this puja procedure this for 16 Friday continually , and after you finish the 16 weeks you will be required to do Santoshi Maiya Udyapan, In this Udyapan you have to offer food to 8 or 16 kids and remember not to feed them anything sour and not to give them any cash, as they might use the cash to buy something sour. You must tell them to not eat sour things whole day on Friday.


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