Maa Parvati

Know About Lord Shiva Consort Goddess Parvati

Maa Parvati is the personification of Sakthi and is the wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha. She is also called Divine Mother.

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The legend of Goddess Parvati is closely related to Lord Shiva. She was born as a reincarnation of Devi Sati so that she could marry Lord Shiva who lost his wife in form of Sati. Their union was supposed to create a son who would defeat the wickedness demons and would save the universe.

Goddess Parvati Family

Parvata for "mountain" and in female word "Parvati" translates to "She of the mountains" and refers to Daughter of Mountains . Her Father name was Himavan (lord of the mountains) and the embodiment of the Himalayas. Her mother name was meena. They called parvati as uma. She had a dream to marry Lord shiva . with the guidance of narad muni she was ready to do Tapashya to marry with lord shiva .
She began tapas (austerities) to satisfy Shiva to grant her wish .she did hardest tapas against all troubles and obstacles . Finally, Shiva tests her devotion by appearing himself in costume and began to criticize Shiva but he couldnot change the mind of Maa Parvati . lord shiva pleased to her devotion and accepted her his life partner .after marriage,Goddess Parvati moves to Mount Kailash, the residence of Shiva.

After some month they have a son for a special purpose. Son Skanda who took the command defeated the demons, and restored the heavens to the gods.


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